It’s all about Miss Tate-Cellulise, Madame Vera of Varice and Lady Edwina Wrinkle missing the fountain of youth and the monsters starting to plague the lovely legs of women… but in a way it’s also an homage to the tiny bit of diversity.

Growing old today is a sinister non acceptable fact many people want to avoid. Thanks to the growing business of cosmetic surgery we’re able to make us look young again or even transform -redesign- our bodies. But the habit of the beauties to remain beautiful as long as possible often were conserved with a beastliness against the natural body characteristics.

With the collection of Beautiful Monsters I developed different types of outfits playing with the ideal of beauty. The surface of human body changing with life I was interested in.
So I got my inspiration from the surfaces and “pattern” of cellulite, jelly rolls, varicose veins, grey and facial hair, floppy breast, scars and becoming lined with age.

I transformed existing materials reminding of grandmas underwear in simple outfits having connection to the mentioned blemish of beauty.

An example are the tights and nylons with a printed pattern of monsters looking like varicoses pocketing the well turned legs. Also bolstered pants were finished with blow up colour to give the pants an appearance of cellulite and could combined with a five o’clock shadow scarf. A dress were whipped that it puckers intentionally and the chest seems not to be in the best big-breasted form.

Dealing with the ideal of beauty in a society of perfectionism and the spot of bother a human body could have, I think there will be more outfits in this context in the near future. Not only because it’s about the question what is natural but also about a very special approach of making people.

„Die Schönheit liegt im Auge des Betrachters“
„ Die nächste Eigentümlichkeit, die an schönen Objekten ständig beobachtet werden kann, ist die Glätte – eine Qualität, die der Schönheit so wesentlich ist, dass ich mich keines schönen Dinges erinnern kann, das nicht glatt wäre. An Bäumen und Blumen sind die Blätter schön, in Gärten glatte Abhänge, in der Landschaft ein glatter Wasserlauf; in der Tierwelt ist schön ein glattes Vogelgefieder oder ein glatter Tierpelz; an einer hübschen Frau eine glatte Haut; und an den verschiedenen Arten von Zierat ist schön eine glatte , polierte Oberfläche. Ein sehr beträchtlicher Teil der Wirkung von Schönheit – ja tatsächlich der allerbeträchtlichste – ist dieser Qualität zu verdanken.“

(Die Geschichte der Schönheit, Kapitel XI, S. 292, Z. 5-16, Zitat von Edmund Burke)