Man always seeks to redefine himself or to scrutinise the existing definitions. A particularly appealing scope is emerging in men’s fashion through the breaking of inhibitions and endorsement of new territories. It is a balancing act between quiet grandeur and attention at all costs.

The collection He-Man creates a new image of men that is appreciated through its unusualness and high quality.

Man should not just be reduced to his biological body or an ideal, but be defined through new artificial proportions to a new manhood. In doing so, trusted images of men’s fashion are taken up and re-inter- preted in an experimental manner.
Inspired by a distinct and constantly recurring geometric form, the semicircle, self-confident and expressive outfits are created. Man should not only feel comfortable in it and attractive, but should also be capable to developing a versatile self-confidence.

The men’s collection He-Man poses an answer to the challenging question whether man can be fair to the contemporary zeitgeist, with a qualitative premium variety of clothing, which stands for itself, but is also always good and re-combinable.
As a result, the classic, timeless, heavy and thick materials break through strict and serious structures and develop strong-character outfits with an irony, love for detail and charm.

Thank you Yamuna Peters and Marc Backes for the lovely photos…….